Grand Escorted Tours

Take a Grand Tour rail journey across magnificent viaducts and through great landscapes - © Theo StolzThe ‘Grand Tour’ was the traditional travel of Europe which flourished from 1660 until the advent of large-scale rail transport in the 1840s. We at Ffestiniog Travel believe it is the world’s railways that offer people the chance to experience more modern-day global ‘Grand Tours’. Railways offer a unique gateway to a country’s history, culture and landscape providing a means to discover the world in short holiday-size bursts that are educational, entertaining and relaxing.

Grand Tours that travel through the great cities of EuropeOur Grand Rail Tours are designed to appeal to the traveller who wants to explore the world by rail and wants a good mix of culture, leisure, convivial company and comfortable accommodation during the journey. The destinations are the main appeal, but the journey itself is an integral part of the holiday. We hope our selection of ‘Grand Rail Tours’ offers the right mix of railways, destinations and cultural nourishment to tempt the traveller in you.

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