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interrail_logoPassengers now travel by train more than at any time in the railway’s history and, believe it or not, an important ingredient in this is travelling for pleasure, either to visit friends and relatives or, increasingly, simply riding the trains to visit new places or enjoy the scenery. There are probably a number of issues which have influenced the trend, ranging from the introduction of Eurostar services from London to Paris and Brussels in the 1990s, suddenly making it a whole lot easier to visit continental Europe, or for environmental issues (Eurostar proudly boasts that it is a carbon neutral mode of transport) to customers themselves aspiring to something a little different from their customary fortnight in the sun.

Travelling by rail is not only environmentally friendly (up to 90% less CO2 emissions than flying) but also an enjoyable way to start your holiday. With rail travel your holiday starts the moment you step onboard the train when you can sit back and experience the sights and sounds of the countryside and cities you pass through before reaching your destination. Here at Ffestiniog Travel we have been booking international rail journeys for 40 years and our dedicated ticketing service provides a one-stop-shop for rail journeys throughout the world. No longer is the ‘holiday by rail’ the preserve of the enthusiasts pursuing their hobby. Today’s rail travellers have a broad range of interests and come from a wide background.

Our rail ticket department operates its own website www.myrailtrip.co.uk which details selected routes, fares and passes for travel in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

UK Tickets

Tickets!Purchasing rail tickets in the UK can be a minefield with different types of fares, routes and validities. Our expert team of travel consultants can guide you through and obtain the correct ticket for your requirements. Rail travel doesn’t have to be as expensive as it can sometimes appear, and we can advise you on the best time to travel or discuss all the options that might make your rail journey cheaper. If you are a student or aged between 16 and 25, travelling with children or if you are over 60 then it could be worth buying a railcard. Railcards offer a discount of up to a third off rail fares and depending on the journey can save you more than the full cost on the first use.

European Tickets

Eurostar - © Rail EuropeWe at Ffestiniog Travel are extremely proud of our European ticketing department. As one of the leading retailers of European tickets in the UK we have direct access to many rail operators booking systems and can provide tickets for the majority of trains in Europe. We will advise you on whether individual tickets or a general railpass will be better and can arrange seat reservations for those trains that require booking.

Switzerland by Train - © Swiss Travel SystemIt is often cheaper to purchase a ‘through’ ticket to your destination rather than individual tickets for each part of your journey and we will work out the best route. Whether you require a simple point to point ticket or your journey is more complicated, with many stopovers en route, we will be more than happy to send you a detailed quotation.

TGVRail passes are available for each country in Europe, in most cases the InterRail range are the most suitable. InterRail passes are also available for the whole of Europe covering travel for up to a month. When travelling in Switzerland you can’t beat the Swiss Pass. This pass offers unlimited travel on Railways, boats and most alpine postbuses. The Pass also allows free travel on public transport in 38 towns and cities.

Don't forget to ask for tickets from your home station. In most cases we can offer CIV tickets to London International. These fares, in addition to including the London Underground from your terminal station to London St Pancras, offer a level of flexibility and assurance that normal ATOC tickets don't. If your connecting train is late then Eurostar are bound by the International Conditions of Carriage (Convention Internationale pour le transport des Voyageurs or CIV) to carry you on the next available service.

Worldwide Tickets

Some of the most evocative images of travel are those of the great train journeys of the world. In Canada – The Rocky Mountaineer and Canadian; In Australia - The Ghan, The Indian Pacific and The Overland; In Russia - The Trans-Siberian and Trans Mongolian. Ffestiniog Travel can advise and book many of the iconic train journeys of the world. We are also UK Sales Agents for Japan Rail Passes. If you are contemplating touring a Continent or country and have considered rail as the most enjoyable and sustainable way to travel, why not discuss with us the various options available?

The www.myrailtrip.co.uk website is constantly changing, providing news updates on train travel and special offers. Visit our website to find out more about our train ticketing services or visit our Facebook page and click like to get regular updates about rail travel, find us at www.facebook.com/FfestiniogTravel.

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