Special Interest Tours

We have, for many years, provided the travel expertise for numerous interest groups who wish to pursue their hobbies and activities further afield and we are particularly committed to helping organisations develop their programme of specialist tours. We have particular specialism in arranging holidays for rail enthusiasts, but we also provide a service to wider special interest groups, arranging travel and accommodation for organisations such as geology and music groups, gardening clubs, history and art societies and have worked very closely with the Wilmslow Guild for 15 years to allow many of their study groups to extend their knowledge further by organising field trips at home and abroad. Each tour is accompanied by a tour leader who is a specialist in the chosen subject and, whilst they are not strenuous tours, we should mention that they are an educational experience as well as a holiday. Numbers can range from small parties of just 5 to up to 30 depending on destination.  Below is a selection of Special Interest Tours we have organised recently.

Wild Flowers of Marjorca – Monday 13 April to Monday 20 April 2015

Jardim Soller, Majorca - © Robert CallowFolded Mudstone at Rhoscolyn, AngleseyMajorca, largest and most diverse of the Balearic Islands, is home to an extensive flora, seen at its best in Spring. We have run a specialist tour to the Island for the last two years, led by Dr Robert Callow, and the tour is proving popular among those interested in gaining knowledge of flowers further afield.  Our tour party stayed on the quiet and beautiful north coast, visiting a wide range of natural habitats, encompassing marshland, mountain valleys, rocky shores and sand dunes, as well as formal gardens and Neolithic sites. Some plants are familiar, being native to Britain. Some exhibit features adaptive to the Mediterranean climate. Others are unique, their characteristics and distribution bearing witness to the thirty million year old history of the western Mediterranean. It is a wonderful way to appreciate this beautiful Balearic Island from a different perspective that also nourishes your personal interest in flowers. Full details on our web site or brochure available.

The Geology & Scenery of Anglesey – April 2013

AldeburghThe popular holiday destination of Anglesey has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, for its lovely beaches and interesting natural history, and more recently as the UNESCO Geopark of Geomon, for its unique geology. The ancient rocks which underpin this beautiful island were formed more than 600 million years ago in deep oceans towards the South Pole. Plate tectonics moved these rocks northwards into tropical seas where continents were squeezed together to produce the complex patterns of folds and faults seen in the cliffs around Rhoscolyn and Holyhead. The younger sandstones and fossiliferous limestones of eastern Anglesey were then deposited and subsequent ice ages and seas level changes carved out the landscape seen today. A 7-day self-drive Study Tour was led by Dr. Christine Arkwright, a geology tutor with the Open University and Wilmslow Guild and an expert in running geology field trips and study tours in the UK for undergraduate summer schools and adult education courses.

The Aldeburgh Festival – June 2013

This very successful tour was organised for the Wilmslow Guild as part of their music appreciation courses and was led by Roger Wilkes. Roger read music at Clare College, Cambridge, and at London University. He has been music tutor at the Guild for 20 years, is President of the North West Early Music Forum and serves on the Council and Academic Board of the Guild of Church Musicians. The Aldeburgh Festival is an annual event which was founded in 1948 by Benjamin Britten, Peter Pears and Eric Crozier. The 2013 Festival was a special occasion to mark the centenary of Britten’s birth and a highlight of the programme was a performance of “Peter Grimes” in the open air setting of Aldeburgh Beach.

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