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                                                                                 8 Days From £1,965pp

                                                                                 HOLIDAY HIGHLIGHTS
                                                                                 ■  Rail via the picturesque Rhine Valley
                                                                                 ■  Stay in the charming resort of Hinterzarten
                                                                                 ■  Unlimited free travel during stay with the
                                                                                   Konus Travel Card                   GRAND  TOURS
                                                                                 ■  Lineside photography on the Pig’s Tail Railway
                                                                                 ■  Journey by steam on the Kander Valley and
                                                                                   Pig’s Tail Railway
                                                                                 ■  Travel on the highly scenic Schwarzwaldbahn
                                                                               Black Forest  SELECTED HOTELS

      Black Forest Discovery                                                     Hinterzarten  Parkhotel Adler
                                                                                          Ibis Hotel Aachen am Marschiertor
                                                                                 Please note - hotels can be subject to change
      Thursday 9 June to Thursday 16 June 2022                                   PRICE INCLUDES
                                                                                 ■  All rail travel as stated in standard class
      Thursday 8 September to Thursday 15 September 2022
                                                                                 ■  Konus Travel Card
                                                                                 ■  Excursions as listed in itinerary
      Hinterzarten is an excellent centre for exploring the Black Forest – a lovely resort and   ■  Accommodation in good, quality hotels on a
      ideal for those who enjoy walking, with its network of marked footpaths.  Enjoy trips on the     bed and breakfast basis
                                                                                 ■  Services of a tour leader from London and
      Sauschwänzlebahn and Kandertalbahn and a scenic circular route from Hinterzarten via     throughout the tour
      Offenburg and the Schwarzwaldbahn to Donaueschingen.
                                                                                 Price per person:
      Day 1 - London to Aachen             Day 5 - Black Forest Circular Tour    Escorted holiday             £1,965
      Lunchtime  Eurostar  from  London’s  St  Pancras  to   Today  we  journey  via  Freiburg  to  Offenburg  and   Single room supplement   £625
      Brussels  Midi  to  connect  to  a  high  speed  train  to  after a break for lunch there will be time to explore   Deposit for this holiday   £100
      Aachen  arriving  early  evening.    Our  hotel  for  the   the old town. The highlight of the day is a trip up
      night is just a short walk from the station and we   the Schwarzwaldbahn to Donaueschingen. The Black
      have a welcome dinner at the hotel included tonight.  Forest Railway is a 100km long electrified line, passing
                                           through 39 tunnels and over 2 impressive viaducts,
      Day 2 - Via the Rhine to Hinterzarten  and is the only true mountain railway in the region.
      Travel by train along the scenic route south, following   Crossing the whole width of the forest from west
      the Rhine, as far as Freiburg and then continue by
      local  train  to  Hinterzarten  in  the  Black  Forest  -   to east, the line climbs via a series of hairpins with
                                           amazing  views  of  the  valley  below. The  return  to
      our base for 5 nights.  The journey takes us on the
      steeply graded Hell’s Valley Railway, the steepest line   Hinterzarten is via Neustadt.
      in Germany, crossing the spectacular Ravenna Gorge   Day 6 - Day at Leisure  Sauschwänzlebahn
      on the 131ft high Ravenna Bridge.    In addition to the many well marked walks in the
                                           area, you also have the chance to travel further afield
      Day 3 - The Pig’s Tail Railway       as the Konus Card included with your holiday gives
      Transfer  by  private  coach  to  Zollhaus-Blumberg,
      where we board the morning steam service on the   unlimited travel on all regional trains and bus routes
                                           in the whole of the Black Forest area. The tour leader
      Sauschwänzlebahn  to Weizen  on  a  return  journey.
      The line is renowned for its magnificent bridges and   will be on hand to give suggestions or assistance with
                                           planning excursions today.
      wonderful forest scenery. In the afternoon, we follow
      the  train  with  the  coach  for  photo  opportunities,   Day 7 - To Bonn
      before returning to Hinterzarten.    We depart Hinterzarten and the Black Forest and
                                           travel north to Bonn via Freiburg for our final night
      Day 4 - Kandertalbahn                stay in Germany. Our hotel for this evening is ideally
      Board a late morning regional train to Haltingen via   located adjacent to the station.
      Freiburg to enjoy a return journey on the Kander
      Valley  Railway  to  Kandern.  The  Kandertalbahn  is   Day 8 - On to London
      one of only a few trains in Germany, and the only   After a leisurely breakfast we take a morning
      standard gauge line in Baden-Württemberg, that is  departure via Cologne and then the high speed
      operated as a museum train. The tiny steam loco and  line to Brussels Midi. We connect with the Eurostar
      vintage carriages recreate a typical branch line of the  service to London St Pancras, arriving mid-afternoon.
      early 20th Century.
                                                                    Tel: 01766 512400  |  16
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