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    GRAND  TOURS                                                                                                     NSB The Bergen Railway Rhune Fossum

      The Magic of Norway

      Wednesday 1 June to Sunday 12 June 2022

      Steep sided fjords, mountains and wide open country are all part of the varied stunning scenery on offer as we travel through Norway by train,
      including crossing the Arctic Circle.

      Day 1 - Fly to Bergen                easily spend a day here. There is also the funicular  transport  lovers  there  is  a  good  tram  and  metro
      Morning flight from London to Bergen, the gateway   railway  to  the  top  of  Mount  Fløyen  which  affords  network  and  you  can  buy  a  24-hour  ticket  which
      to Norway’s fjords which is located on the south   magnificent views of the town and the shoreline.   covers all modes of transport.
      western coast. Transfer to our city centre hotel for
      a 3-night stay.                      Day 4 - Bergen to Oslo               Day 6 - North to Trondheim
                                           The  Bergensbanen  is  Northern  Europe’s  highest  Another beautiful rail journey today, the Dovrebanen
      Day 2 - Sognefjord & Flåm Railway    railway and is also known as the “Roof of Norway”.  takes  us  through  the  Gudbrandsdal Valley,  across
      We start the day by taking a cruise along the   This  scenic  journey  takes  us  from  the  coast,  with  the  Dovrefjell  mountain  plateau  and  through  the
      Sognefjord from Bergen to Flåm, situated at the   views of  fjords, waterfalls  and rivers, up towards  National Park to Trondheim. On the way, look out for
      head of the fjord. The Sognefjord is Norway’s longest   the mountains, then down past lakes and through  sights such as Mjosa Lake (Norway’s largest lake), the
      and deepest fjord and stretches more than 200km   forests, before reaching the low lands that surround  Dovrefjell’s wild muskox and traditional log timber
      inwards to the foot of the Jotunheimen Mountains.   the capital. Taking around 7 hours, the line has 180  houses. The train services are now more infrequent
      Enjoy panoramic views of some of Norway’s most   tunnels and 22 stops. It is comfortable on board and  but our early start does mean that we have a free
      spectacular scenery. After a break for lunch we take   there is a cafe carriage. We have a 2-night stay in  afternoon and evening to explore the city with its
      the Flåm Railway, climbing to a height of over 800m   Oslo.               magnificent Nidaros Cathedral.
      en route to Myrdal, before returning to Bergen on
      the main line.                       Day 5 - Free Time                    Day 7 - Across the Arctic Circle
                                           Oslo has much to offer with its maritime history being  Still travelling north we are treated to a wonderful
      Day 3 - Explore at Leisure           chartered in the Kontiki and Viking Ship museums.  vista of mountains and fjords all from the comfort of
      Bergen  is  a  UNESCO World  Heritage  City  and  a   Visit Ekebergparken Sculpture Park for artworks of  the train! We cross the Arctic Circle late afternoon
      European  city  of  culture.  It  is  a  delight  to  explore   internationally renowned artists, as well as traces of  (the summit of the line) before dropping down to
      with its colourful waterfront area and fish and fruit   Oslo’s  long  and  diverse  history.  Rock  carvings  and  the coast and the port of Bodø. Being so far north
      markets.  Known  for  its  university,  famous  for  its   ruins from the Stone Age and cemeteries that date  the daylight hours last well into the late evening and
      world-renowned museum collections - you could   back to 900-400 BC can also be found there. For  the views across the harbour are stunning.

     Bergen Funicular from MT. Floyen © John Robson                             Sognefjord near Flam © John Robson


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