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About Our Tours

         GRAND RAIL TOURS                                                                                          “A well-planned and well-led tour. My second
      Our Grand Rail Tours are designed to appeal to the seasoned traveller who wants to explore   time on this holiday. As in February 2019, the
      the world by rail and wishes to combine culture, leisure, convivial company and comfortable   tour was well-designed to give tour members
                                                                                  flexibility to choose their own day trips or to
      accommodation with memorable rail journeys.  The destinations are the main appeal, but the   go with the tour leader. An interesting group
      journey itself is an integral part of the holiday.
                                                                                  of people to travel with and an effective tour
      Choosing to travel by train is not only an environmentally friendly option but provides the   leader who gave just as much leadership as  Snow on the Alps - RHB © Switzerland Travel Centre
      means to cover a large area of a country at ground level in the customary time frame of a   was necessary.”
      holiday. When taking the train to reach your holiday destination, sit back, enjoy the view and   Snow on the Alps, February 2020 -
      relish in the landscape the journey delivers. We hope our selection of Grand Rail Tours offers   By Woodberry.
      the perfect mix of railways, interesting destinations and cultural nourishment to meet your
      holiday aspirations.

      Our Connoisseur Rail Tours are designed to appeal to those who have a specific passion
      for railways. We have a team of Ffestiniog Travel tour producers who are an authority on
      the world’s railways and every year they rise to the challenge of finding rail journeys that
      will indulge people’s enthusiasm for railways within the framework of a refined and relaxing   “Two weeks exploring not only  Taiwan’s
      holiday.                                                                     Railways, but visiting temples, museums,
      These  tours  explore  historic  and  unique  railways  around  the  world  famous  for  their   palaces, mountains and  gorges  which  gave
      engineering excellence, history and the interesting routes they take - journeying through some   me a very enjoyable holiday.”  Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Centre
      of the world’s most outstanding landscapes.  If you are a rail connoisseur, who also appreciates   Taiwan Rail Adventure, February 2020-
      a cultured and informed holiday, you may find the right tour from our Connoisseur Rail Tours   By Jeff
      collection. The content of these tours will not only appeal to the rail enthusiast but partners
      and friends too, as alternative sightseeing options are offered in order to make the most of
      the holiday destinations.

      Visit countries untouched by mass tourism and get a feel for their true nature, history and
      culture.    Our  S&T  holidays  are  small  group  tours,  with  a  maximum  of  20  travellers  and
      often less. They have a dedicated UK tour leader and local English speaking expert guides,   “The driver and guide were both excellent,
      guaranteeing a high standard of personal supervision.                        not just in their knowledge and helpfulness,  Collecting the milk in Bucovina, Romania © Ramona Cazacu
                                                                                   but also their enthusiasm.”
      Our preference for comfortable, family run village accommodation, where appropriate, allows
      us to immerse ourselves in local life, learn about traditional crafts and enjoy locally grown   Rural Romania, October 2019 -
      organic produce. Rail travel on these tours is still important but not the overriding factor.  By Mr J. Sheraton

      You can create your own tailored rail tour if you want the freedom to choose when and where
      you travel and with whom.  Ffestiniog Travel can design a personalised tour for single travellers,
      couples or groups who have a specific rail journey in mind.  We will manage your journey from
      source to final destination arranging your travel tickets, organising accommodation and guided
      sightseeing trips en route.
                                                                                   “Train travel at its best! A very pleasant trip
                                                                                   to  Vienna via Munich, seeing old friends
                                                                                   and enjoying a concert and a theatrical
      If you are tempted by one of our escorted rail holidays but would like to extend it or   performance.   Also did a day trip to
      tweak it in some way, we are happy to adapt our escorted tours to give you the option of   Bratislava on New  Year's Day. Ffestiniog
      prolonging your stay in a country or connecting with other rail journeys in other countries.   Travel is experienced and efficient. Excellent
      Our travel team will be happy to talk through the opportunities available to you.   and informative service.”
                                                                                   Bespoke Europe Trip, December 2019 -
      See more independent customer reviews on our AITO feedback page – click on the icon at   By Max
      the top of our homepage on our website.                                                                        Bratislava
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