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      & Value

      Our aim is to give people the best rail holiday
      possible in terms of quality of content and
      value for money so please read our tour
      itineraries in detail to fully appreciate the level
      of planning involved and the extent to which
      we try and achieve the perfect mix of travel,
      railways, leisure, culture and substance in every
      escorted tour we run.

       Planning & Passion                 View of Lake Geneva © Suradech Singhanat-shutterstock
       Our  established  and  dedicated  team  of  tour
       consultants go to great lengths to ensure the rail
       tours they create fulfil all expectations.
       Travel  –  all  travel  is  planned  meticulously  to
       optimise the time available without inconveniencing   Award Winning
       the traveller – our rail holidays are journeys for
       pleasure and leisure.                Travel Company
       Hotels  –  we  select  hotels  based  on  familiarity,
       location  and  facilities.    We  work  closely  with
       selected hotels, most of which are centrally
       located in cities and towns offering easy access to
       local transport and sightseeing.     Our Booking Service                   Quality
                                            When  you  decide  to  book  a  holiday  with  us
                                                                                  As  a  member  of  AITO  (Association  of
       Itinerary  –  our  tour  consultants  are  passionate   you have the comfort of knowing you will be   Independent  Tour  Operators)  we  work  with
       about travel, railways and culture. Every element of   dealing  with  the  same  person  throughout  the   other holiday companies, who have a shared
       a tour is carefully considered to ensure it is relevant,   whole  booking  process.  Our  tour  consultants   concern  for quality and  personal service, to
       of interest, feasible and adds value to the holiday.   are given designated tours to manage which   strive to create UK and overseas holidays with
                                            means they will be responsible for providing key   high  levels  of  professionalism.   The Association
                                            information, dealing with any additional requests   encourages the highest standards in all aspects of
       Value                                from travellers as well as liaising with all suppliers.   tour operating. We actively seek feedback from all
       The  prices  of  our  tours  reflect  the  standard   From the moment you call us, email us or send   those who travel with us and this information is
       of service we provide. As a small company we   us a completed booking form the Ffestiniog Travel   used to ensure we continue to maintain a quality
       listen  to  our customers  and  adapt  to  varying   consultant will remain the same.  We are always   product and service.
       holiday  requests  where  possible.  Here  are  a   keen to deal direct with customers and actively
       few components that have become established   encourage  people  to  telephone  and  email  us.
       features of our tours:               Our  response  time  is  efficient  and  regularly
       ■  Travel passes used for most Swiss Grand and    monitored.               Financial Protection
          Connoisseur tours giving free unlimited                                 As an AITO member, holding an ATOL licence, we
          travel whilst in Switzerland                                            provide a level of security and financial protection
       ■  InterRail passes are used for most European                             to give our customers extra peace of mind when
          tours giving free unlimited travel for the    Tour Leaders              travelling with us. An AITO member is required
          duration of the holiday           When our tours depart, the job of the Ffestiniog   to arrange financial protection for all holidays and
       ■  Average tour group size is 16 people  Travel  tour  leader  becomes  paramount.  Their   other arrangements (including accommodation
       ■  Flexibility to create add-ons to existing tours   responsibilities are primarily to look after the well-  only)  booked  by  customers.  This  financial
          as per customer’s specifications  being of the group and to take customers safely   protection applies to customers who are resident
       ■  Availability to upgrade flights and rail journeys   and efficiently from A to B. Our tour leaders also   in the UK at the time of booking and to overseas
          within a tour (where possible)    add value to the holiday by helping make the best   customers who have booked directly with us. In
       ■  Dedicated consultant throughout the    use of any free time. They adapt to each group   doing so, we must comply with UK government
          duration of an escorted or tailor-made    of travellers according to its needs so will not   regulations and are required to submit details of
          holiday booking                   automatically provide a running commentary, nor   our  financial  protection  arrangements  to AITO
       ■  Availability to change mode of departure    intrude on travellers’ privacy and will be happy   on a regular basis. For more information please
          transport (rail or flight) when possible  to  melt  away  if individuals  prefer to do  their
       ■  No regimented group meals. Tours are                                    see Booking Condition no. 16
          generally B&B basis giving flexibility to ‘do    own thing. In a nutshell, our customers can have
          your own thing’ if you want to. Meals are    a private holiday within the security of a group.
          included where there is a lack of restaurants    That’s the “Ffestiniog” way of doing things which is
          or due to a late arrival.         perhaps different from other companies.
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