FT Rail Expert on Europe

Created: 12 January 2013

Ffestiniog Travel’s Dan May talked to broadcaster Alistair McKenzie on his ‘Hangout on Air’ show about rail travel.  You can see the broadcast on YouTube by clicking on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEltbfKLMYE&feature=youtu.be  Dan joined a panel of rail travel experts and described the origins and relationship between the Ffestiniog historic steam railway line and Ffestiniog Travel since it started taking people on rail tours all over the world in 1974 - highlighting tours to India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. He answered questions from  viewers about travelling on the Trans-Siberian route, about the cost benefits of pre-booking European rail tickets in advance and InterRail passes, and about a rail connection between India and Asia/Europe via Iran.

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